18 hours in Oslo


  •  I never thought it is possible to see or fall in love with a place seeing it only for 18 hours (6 of them were spent sleeping).  I always thought of Oslo as maybe, as possibility, but then reminded myself - it must be cold, it is North, vast land probably not much to see or do, apart amazing landscape of course.  Well I was so wrong. It is BE -AU-TI-FUL, FA - BU- LOUS.  It all started when we needed to get back from my homeland to the UK, my daughter had to start school in September. It was getting closer and closer and I could not find a direct flight back, because certain airlines decided to play their tricks and put up prices as high as they fly. But then skyscanner came to the rescue. Riga - Manchester via Oslo. After little hesitation and consideration, we decided to do it. For the price we were going to pay, it was worth at least to see another country. Thought to myself we probably will not see much, but we will have an idea. I was wrong again. We saw A LOT. Royal Palace, beautiful theater, absolutely amazing and breathtaking pier- Aker Brygge- and promenade with fjords in background. The weather was unusual, warm and sunny and so calm, not a breeze. Ships and yachts and boats. Amazing culture, people and diversity (little but just enough to enjoy it).  We had an opportunity to be part of amazing music festival which represented different countries and they culture and my husband even saw his people singing traditional songs, he quickly joined in to my surprise because he usually rates himself as observer.  Oslo was one of the places where I thought to myself if somebody tells me to live there from that minute, I will not refuse. And that says a lot about the country. If your mind and heart is ready to settle there without knowing anything about it, it must be good. It just felt at home and very at ease.  Definitely going back, to see more, more than just beautiful Oslo.