3 countries in 5 days

17/11/2018 - 21/11/2018

One would think it is impossible, but one did it. We saw Bratislava, Vienna and Brno in 5 days. As you may have noticed on my other trip reviews, I am a fan of trains. So my first point on to do list for this trip was - how far these places are from one another so I can book a train. I was lucky. Capital of Slovakia, capital of Austria and beautiful city in Czech Republic are only 1 hour from each other. Therefore we saw them in all their beauty and not just a glimpse. Landed in Bratislava mid November, but it was as sunny as summer. We had an amazing apartment booked for our two day stay. Warm, cosy and right in the centre. I have to let you know that our family prefers self catering apartments over hotels. We love to make our own meals and feel free. Hotels we book only as last resort. Well Bratislava had lots to offer - castle, Michaels Gate and best statue in town - Chumil or Man at work, beautiful river and an amazing old town, city hall and the square really attractive.  Two days later, 1 hour on train and we put our feet on Austrian soil - Vienna. Every travelers dream in Europe. The capital of classical music, culture and strudel (apple if I may suggest). Again sunny, but this time very cold beautiful day. Explored Vienna all day, we were ready for Brno. Brno was chosen because of nearby caves Punkva Caves. But unfortunately a little mistake from customer service lady at the train station and we missed them. My 6 year old cried her heart out, we tried everything to get there - bus, taxi, but it was Sunday and I promised her to come back or take her to similar ones in another part of Europe. Instead we had the whole day to explore Brno. This time it was cold, really cold, but beautiful again. The city felt it had no borders, we walked and walked, and wherever we turned there was another street, another local shop or cute cafe. Beautiful high street with warm pancake shop, hidden old town with endless bargains. For lunch we found nice little vegan cafe in one of shopping centres. It was reasonable price, tasty and the main thing reassuring, because when in doubt what to eat, eat veg, everybody eats veg. Even little and bigger cakes were veg based, which one could not tell if one did not know. Chocolate cake tasted as any gorgeous chocolate cake.  Kids loved it too. By now they have become little experts in traveling and my oldest daughter always helps me in planning our next trip, and I always appreciate her opinion what to see and where to go. So here you go, it is possible to see more than just one. If you ever need advice or suggestion, or you simply want somebody to plan you a nice holiday, contact us, we will be happy to help you.