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  • 17-06-2019
  • Monday. First line written, do not stop now. Much more to follow


              Another  day, another line. Started website design. Planning another trip, this time it is HOME :)


              How much am waiting for summer. No summer in the UK, mum says plus 28 Celsius at home :(   Planning all the  activities at home, swimming, Zoo for kids, fishing and many many more


  • Decided to list all the places we have been to. So here it goes, starting with the North - Oslo, Helsinki, Tallin, Riga, Vilnius. Moving to the middle - Dusseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund....Neighbours - Eindhoven, Copenhagen. Little step down south - Nantes, La Rochelle, Rochefort, Bordeaux, Saintes, Toulouse, Marseille, Nice. Very close neighbour to France - Milan, Pisa, Genoa, Venice, Florence, Rome....Bratislava, Vienna, Brno....Barcelona, Palma....Porto, Lisbon and of course Algiers.

          19- 06-2019

  • Very late, my 3 year old decided not to sleep tonight, so am here writing my blog, revising and designing Catchatrip. Quite proud of myself. After nearly 7 years of baby talk, food wars and building legos, am finally doing thing that my heart has always loved, but has been put on a pause.  


  • Thursday.  Working on my design again. It is still new, but am getting there and the best part is that I love what I do. Little peace today, one is @school, the other one having nap. Thinking am gonna join her :)

         24 - 06-20

  • Monday, one day after my birthday. Family surprised me with flowers and true Belgian chocolate, and kisses and cuddles of course. And today am back on my trip planning. Getting bit stressed, it used to be so easy to get home, now it is mission impossible. To get to Riga, I need to plan like it is half way across the world (prices of course). So am sitting here torn between Brussels and Dusseldorf. Belgium would be another adventure cos never been there, Dusseldorf - family there. Decisions decisions..... 


  • Tuesday, still raining. End of June and am still wearing jacket, when it is going to end??!!!! Where is sunshine, heat and everything that accompanies summer :( Weather is tiring, mission to get home is total headache, is there light at the end of the tunnel already ?!


  • Monday. Back to the UK. Just wrote the latest trip from Latvia. Planning new one. Have not decided yet between Luxembourg and Italy. Daughter back to school, she warned me it is her time to plan now, will wait and see her choice:)  Remembering all great places we visited back home, Zoo Raksi or Llama park as we call it, glass museum...lots lots. See what tomorrow brings!!!!!


             Tuesday. Nearly there, found the best pics to show the beauty of places we been to. Hope it      inspires and gives a chance. Back to planning....



          Another Tuesday, but this time its 2020. Lets go 2020. I, well WE, I mean our family, we feel this is the year for us. Ready for new dreams and hopes, ready to climb that peak. Believe. Believe in  yourself and believe in humanity. 2020 am ready for you. Full speed ahead to make the dreams  come true. Launch time.... here we go :)


          NOTE: the list of countries we offer our planning services and advice - Norway, Italy, Denmark, Germany, The Baltic States, Spain, Portugal, France, Finland, Sweden, Algeria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Cyprus. More will follow....


       Last few touches and ideas, launch time soon... sooo excited. I have done it myself, so proud.  Believe,  believe and it is possible. So many ideas yet to follow and plans to achieve. Some of them BIG, but if I do not try, I will never know if my dreams were meant to come true. Better rejection, than uncertainty :) ;)


Well, we are officially there....U can find us on google, instagram...Next trip is coming up, but this time is here in the UK, one of the most beautiful places of kingdom.. Can you guess which one?! :) I will give a clue, it has some beautiful hills and mountains ;) Can not wait, all four of us are very excited, especially me, cos I have some great memories to relive...So the trip is in two weeks, and u can read all about it after, so do not MISS IT ;)

Wooow...another month gone...as u can see from last trip, we were in beautiful Grasmere. And now....:( how life can change. Quarantine...never thought to experience this word @ that extent. The whole world is on quarantine....so not much happenning here then, but i truly believe we will become stronger after all this, will travel more (especially with families), laugh more...So while tourism is having a break, we found other way to cheer us up. Check it out @kvartal95 or #kvartal95. It is a group of childhood friends, who made their name accross the world. Their experience shows never give up and if you truly believe in something, make sure you try to achieve it. And never give up your friendship and family for anything. Maybe some will even become president 😉 So heads up, look at bright future and can not wait to give you more trips, blogs and advice when we all get back surfing hotels and taking planes again...see you soon, until then check out our Instagram @catchatrip.co uk        


Winter, cold, dark and still miserable in everyway, shape and form... still distancing, still huge numbers of sadness and uncertainty in abundance...where, when, who and how to answer all the questions, but i believe to that day, i know that day will arrive, the day that will bring joy and smiles again, we will pack our suitcase, get a cab, board the plane, have a coffee here or there, but we also will be much smarter and wiser, i and my family have learnt a lot from this pandemic, and am sure we will keep this new knowledge forever, we just cant wait to catch A trip ;) lets catch it together ;););)


Well, well - it has been nearly a year since I put my emotions into words...it looks a little better, we have seen our families, we have been for a coffee and a cake, but that fear is always present. I wonder if we ever will feel free like before, when every chair you touch or when you press a lift button, will not trigger your mind with fear and anxiety. Missing it all


OMG!!! 2022 You are already here! I am and not ready! I just hope you will be different :) I PURPLE you


 No War!!!! What has happened to this what used to be beautiful world, why is there so much hate and evil, where is all the kindness and humanity gone???😢 Come back or bring it back.........