Lake district or 10 years after

Once upon a time a girl decided to have an adventure. She decided to take a big step to leave her parents, her friends and her homeland to make a new life in different country. That country was chosen - UK. To be more precise, a lovely village of Grasmere in the heart of Lake District. And that girl of course was ME. Nearly 15 years ago, I decided to change my life and landed a job opportunity in Grasmere. I spent there 5 years, enjoying every second, day and week. I left 2010. Now 10 years later and with 2 beautiful daughters, I decided to revisit, bring back memories and show my girls what a lovely place I picked for my grown up adventure 15 years ago. We planned a long weekend (20.02.2020 - 23.02.2020) over there. As planned, on Thursday 20th of February, we took our train to Lancaster, only to find out that because of flooding we must change in Skipton (bus replacement - more like little van, cold and shabby), but at the end we reached our destination. Lancaster, in my opinion, is kind of a passing through place on your way to beautiful villages and towns of the Lake District (do not get angry, because that is only my subjective opinion), but the town itself, I have to admit, is kind of gorgeous too. It offers its magnificent castle, former HMP Lancaster Castle, dated back 1000 years, scary but fascinating. They offer lovely tour, for £8 both kids and grown ups can experience loads of emotions, starting from fear and ending with laughter. The museum @the main square tells the history of Lancaster and the surrounding......educating and informative, even 3 and 1/2 year old found herself amused. And then we got hungry. Luckily we did not have to look far, cos we found the best eatery not only in Lancaster, but out of many other places we have been to in other countries. CAFE ISTANBUL - pizza to die for, traditional lentil soup sooooooo delicious, and not to forget turkish tea, served in beautiful glass cups - calming, refreshing and tasty.                                        Thanks CAFE ISTANBUL!!! You welcomed us greatly!!!
The next day we had planned to go to Grasmere. But the plans most of the time never work the way you want. The weather was outrageous. I have been in this country 15 years, but have never experienced anything like it. Storm after storm, wind, rain, fog made it nearly impossible to travel. Somehow we managed to get bus to Grasmere (555 for Lancaster to Keswick, stops all in between to see the best places), but when we got there, we understood that it would be total waste of time to even make a step outside (purely because we could not see the nearest shop,cafe or bus stop or even get to it). All we had left was a hope that the next day would bring something better. We needed something better, because I had promised my daughters I would take them up the Alcock tarn - a beautiful hill just outside Grasmere - that gives unbelievable view over the village, promised them world famous Grasmere gingerbread, and of course other places and things to do. But that Friday we had to forget everything and hope for the best. So we took a bus back to Windermere, back to our hotel and tried to spend some quality time playing rock/scissors/paper, coloring and reading. The next morning (22.02.2020 - what a date, according to clairvoyants - the near end of the world :)) we all got up early, with one thought in our minds - please do not be raining. Quick jump out of bed, even quicker look out the window.........our prayers were answered - it was not raining, it was not the best weather, but at least we had a chance... Quick breakfast, we jumped into the bus and off we went to Grasmere. Lovely walk around the village, taste of freshly baked and warm gingerbread and up the hill. We did it!!!! We fulfilled our dreams and plans. Not without obstacles and tears, but better than expected. After Ciara and Dennis, no rain light or heavy, will stop us from enjoying our family time. The girls loved it, me and my husband were wet from outside and in our hearts, but nature is something not to mess with, especially if it is Lake District:), just have to accept its greatness and majesty. 
Visit Grasmere, Windermere, Bowness, Kendal, Lancaster, Coniston, Keswick and all other amazing places Lake District offers. Enjoy gingerbread, jump together with Peter Rabbit @ Beatrix Potter museum, walk around stunning lakes and just be happy. Be kind. Love your family more than anything, Smile. But most of all TRAVEL. Catchatrip!!:)