Back to back Homeland

                  31.07.2019 - 01.09.2019

Creating and reliving memories. I know many of you will think  ..ohhh.. she is raising and praising her homeland, because is her homeland. But honestly Latvia is so beautiful, full of surprises and entertainment. OK OK we do not have high mountains or desserts, but we have sandy beaches and amazing lakes and rivers, we have waterparks and nature trails, museums and manors. So, as you may have seen from our blog, about 2 months ago I was trying to book a ticket home. That time it seemed non realistic. But we found our way  - on the way there we even got a chance to visit my brother- in- law in Dusseldorf. So after long daily school runs, we were finally heading home for some well deserved relaxation. And relaxation it was. Once we arrived @Riga airport, my heart and soul (and not only mine) were at peace. I had not planned anything in advance, it all came spontaneously. Wake up in the morning, 1 hour surfing online and destination picked. One day it was Rujiena ice cream factory. For symbolic price, we were shown the ice cream making process and after offered ice cream tasting session. Eat as much ice cream as you can. And believe me when it comes to free ice cream one can find a space one did not know it existed :) Next time it was Bottle Garden. Imagination has no limits. An outstanding lady not far from our home opened bottle garden where hedgehogs, dogs and swans are simply made of empty glass bottles, with every item having meaning and purpose. Another day it was Livani glass museum. Our pride and glory glass factory. Unfortunately factory itself is closed, but the heritage has been left inside the museum. So beautiful, so colourful and so sad and happy at the same time. And then there was a day to visit Latvias highest hill Gaizinkalns. Peace and tranquility, fresh air and silence, the best place to make peace with yourself and this crazy world. Place for generating great ideas. And there is more and more - Kazu grava or Goat valley, Beverinas labyrinth, Ape town and witches cliff and more more more. I know it is home, but it truly has lots to offer. Then came the end of our beautiful holidays. We were all sad, especially our little girls, who absolutely loved the green, the freedom and all that comes with it. Our way back to the UK was through our beloved Norway. Unfortunately, this time we did not have a chance to visit Oslo, but we will, we promise, we will be going back. We must. Now we are back, we have not sat back and travelled in our memories. Our next trip is on its way, it is in progress, very soon - school holidays end of October, thats when it is happening :) See you soon ....