Ramadan with in laws

28-05-2019 - 09-06-2019

  •  When my husband came to me and said we going to Algeria for Eid I was over the moon. But he forgot to mention that we were going to stay there last week of Ramadan too. Hang on. Take it easy. I have been in Algeria many times before, but never in Ramadan. And never in June when temperature can reach around 35 degrees Celsius. Not a drop of water from dawn till dusk. Never a problem in the UK with average 15 degrees. I thought a new challenge for me. I could not have been more wrong. It was easy and so blessed. And when Eid was finally there, it felt like a dream. I had never seen so many beautifully dressed people at one place before. The best clothes, the best shoes, the best hair styles and accesories. Random people giving you hug and celebrating together with you. Balloons, laughter and joy. And of course Eid cakes, decorated as flowers and butterflies, sweet and delicious. No matter which home we went to wish Saha Eid, the cakes were there accompanied with refreshing lemonade or cup of coffee for coffee lovers like my husband. Our two little girls were so happy, it was their first celebration with the family and Eid there for kids is the best day of the whole year. Algeria is something out of this world. Country where everything is possible. Heat, sunshine, rain, sea, mountains, dessert, food, people, green and grey in one, palms and birch trees. And am not praising it because its my husbands homeland. It really is beautiful. I sometimes wonder how long it would take to see all that it offers. The territory is huge. Just to get from north to south it takes 3 hours on plane.  North and south are totally different. North is more modern, busy and young, whilst south is more traditional, it has kept its culture close to heart and does not want to follow changes. I have not been to the south yet ( my husband is my best guide of course), but hopefully that day is not too far. Algeria has lots to offer, therefore please do not be afraid to visit. It is so welcoming and friendly. Algerians will absolutely love you no matter where you from or where you going as long as you show respect. Start with the north, with Algiers, the capital that offers you Jardin dEssai and their pride -  Martyrs Memorial monument, with casbah and gorgeous traditional shops and then slowly work your way up or down. Visit Blida, Constantine or Tamanrasset. If you need any advice about what to see in Algeria or how to plan your trip there, please do not hesitate to contact us, because you will never get better advice as from the true algerian like my husband. Born and bread in Algiers till age of 26, he knows all tricks and treats. Well I am not bad either, over these 10 years I have learnt my way there and my tricks sometimes can be as good as his. Catch a trip to Algeria, you will not regret it.