trip to my inner self

The strangest 365 days, ups and downs, anger to joy, tears and laughter. This pandemic has brought it all. When it all started, we thought it would be temporary. It will end ... any day now, maybe tomorrow or next month definitely. Everybody was so helpful, reducing bills, buying groceries for vulnerable, free entertaining, endless competitions and possibilities for kids, cheers and claps. We all felt equal, all in this together - rich and poor. Help, help, help, help everywhere and from everyone. But THAT was temporary. Pandemic is still here, but the HELP, by most part, is gone. Bills are back and huge :) and vulnerable are left to be vulnerable, that cheer seems gone. I always thought that the world would change and be different after we all gone through together and still there??!!! But day by day, personally me.... I understand that I was wrong. Some days it feels this planet has become a jungle. The strongest, richest and meanest survives. Power and money dominates. Example: there are countless charities and needs for help, help for children, help for homeless, help this and help for that. Then there is THE QUESTION in my head - how many millionaires and billionaires are there in this world of ours???!!!! If each of them gave just a little bit, would not it be enough? A few months ago an article caught my eye, and up to this day it has stayed with me. Parents fighting for their child's life..... a little, gorgeous boy who needs one of injection that would save him and give him the life he deserves. It is not cheap, costs over million pounds, seems huge amount to us "ordinary" people, but how about "other" side??! Is there anything greater that saving somebody's life, helping somebody, especially a child???????????? I guess there is, because it is US "ordinary" people who donate. But days are running out for the boys parents, when everything could be so easy. When conscience is going to win its battle, when good deed will be more important than bank account? When the world will understand that it is not certain "stars" that matter? It is much more than that. Why we create these "stars"? Are they going to save the world? That it is good question indeed!!!!! But I guess that's another story. This story was about YEAR. A year where my 4 year old cried herself to sleep, because she could not see the brighter her words - when this stupid virus is going to end :) A year where my 8 year old has barely seen her school friends or anything else for that matter. A year that our family has spent at home....but it has also been THE BEST YEAR :) Nevertheless something must be changed and done, otherwise it will always be just A YEAR or THAT YEAR. I want different year. I have to make sure I make it different. I pledge to be more helpful, caring and understanding. I do not want to be a "star". I just want to help. Help @helpforedward or the kids on or just anybody who truly needs HELP. That will be my and my family's  NEW YEAR *****:)